Why SEO is important for your website ?

A website that complies with all the guidelines a search engine has established is one that is search engine friendly. These regulations may apply to content, programming, design, or development. This can be misleading at times because the website was not developed with search engines in mind, but rather with users in mind. However, the website can be improved in the future to make it easier for search engines to find.

Therefore, here are a few pointers to help you understand how to optimise your website to make it Search Engine Friendly (SEF):

Adding Text to everything:

Including a lot of pictures and videos on your website is a wonderful idea. Flash is also acceptable. It is common knowledge that visitors find movies and graphics more engaging than simple text. The same is not true with search engines, where just text is important and everything else is just useless. Therefore, adding text to the characteristics of photos and other elements that are comparable can be useful.

Validating the HTML code:

Validating your HTML code is a wise move. The HTML code should have consistent beginning and ending parts to begin with. If your title tag, for instance, begins with TITLE>, it is best practise to make sure you close it once finished and keep the same case, such as /TITLE>.

Your website may suffer if there are HTML problems in the coding. As a result, you can use the following validator tools to ensure that your website is accurate:

W3C Markup Validation service (http://validator.w3.org/)

W3Schools (http://www.w3schools.com/website/web_validate.asp)

Free Formatter (http://www.freeformatter.com/html-validator.html)

The importance of the ‘Title’ tag:

Every page of your website will be more appealing to consumers if you give it an appropriate “Title” When you visit a website, its title is the first thing to load. As a result, improving the quality and relevance of the page names will improve the website’s overall usability.

The truth is that title tags are useful, even to search engines like Google. One of the fundamental responsibilities and criteria when optimising a website from an SEO standpoint is setting adequate “Title” tags.

Having a “Title” tag is one thing, but getting it right is quite another. It is customary to include the website’s name in the title tag. Although this is an excellent idea, it should also contain the name (header) of the page and the domain name to increase relevance for both visitors and search engines.

JavaScript Generated Links:

Having JavaScript Generated links on their websites is one of the major blunders that many people do. This is unmistakably a “no.” The rationale for using direct connections rather than those generated by JavaScript is actually fairly straightforward.

JavaScript is completely useless because search engines like Google are unable to grasp it. The best HTML navigation links are those that are simple and direct.

Duplication of content:

Duplicate material will typically result in penalties from search engines like Google. Therefore, it makes sense to produce original and distinctive material for the entire website. If content from another existing website has been added to your website, you may be facing a duplicate content problem. The problem can also be resolved in another way, though.

It is possible to keep a file called “robot.txt” in the server’s root directory. Duplicate material will no longer be relevant if you just set the URLs you don’t wish to be indexed here.

These were elements that enhanced the website’s usability and helped your website get to the top of search engine results. The corporations, though, are seeking more than that. In order to convert more potential clients, they are also aiming to increase their conversion rates. So, here are some pointers for doing that:

Placement of Call to Actions elements:

The Call to Action component can be found on almost all websites. However, it might not be sufficient. To make it easier to identify, it is a good idea to make it stand out or use elegant typefaces.

The layout that is easy to use:

There is nothing more frustrating than browsing a website and getting lost along the process. In this regard, the positioning of the relevant action buttons and the order of the pages should be deliberate. Spending some time and effort to emphasise these issues will pay off.

The fine balance between content and Graphics:

However, there are also situations when the consumer does want an explanation in the form of some textual content. There are times when visuals can convey information much more effectively than text. An image is often always helpful, but it should be carefully picked such that it also somewhat complements the text. It is best to keep the text concise and straightforward. In reality, the ideal course of action is to first present all the factual information in a nice, legible fashion before adding additional instances or descriptions, which may be lengthy.

Other attractions on the Website:

The Newsletter is only one of the additional features and tools that can increase your conversion rate. This has shown to be very effective. Having landing pages with some sort of incentive, such as a giveaway or a discount coupon, also helps greatly in achieving the goal.

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