How 2015 will fare for the world of SEO

The SEO industry often introduces new developments every year. In 2014, Google decided to modify their search engine algorithm once more. Additionally, many claimed that content marketing was the new SEO and that SEO was dead, so many saw this as a year in which content was given more weight.

In truth, Google has tightened the rules for content creators and started to lower the bar for accepting content that was created just for high rankings. Although this may not have turned out the way Google had anticipated, the announcement of the death of guest blogging affected how everyone handled it.

Many SEO experts experienced panic episodes in 2014 as a result of Google. The main goal of Google’s Panda update was to devalue the rankings of websites with low-quality and duplicate material. Google’s Penguin update primarily targeted websites that have used unethical linking techniques. Those who had the good sense to avoid using unethical or unethical SEO tactics have survived this change. However, many of them were impacted, including some well-known and well-liked websites. Many may begin to question whether the worst has passed or whether there are more Google search engine adjustments to come.

On the plus side, since it is the end of the year, Google cannot harm anyone further until the next year. Which raises the question of what will be popular in 2015 and what will be out?

Quality Content:

Content of a high calibre will always be rated highly. In reality, finding quality content writers is a necessity if you want to succeed with SEO. It won’t be long before we see it become even difficult to generate good quality content that is effective and works for the business website as Google’s tolerance level continues to drop. This implies that publishing high-quality material will be rewarded, which will improve their traffic, business, and money. Are you seeking for a content writer who satisfies all the qualifications and standards that Google has established? To achieve your objective, get in touch with Digitara Digital Marketing Agency.

The search – keywords:

The way that searches are conducted on mobile devices and computers already differ significantly. It is probably going to start focusing more on conversational keyword phrases. While some of this has already been done, this year is probably going to see more of it. Everyone has previously been advised by Google not to write or plan their articles with the search terms or the Google algorithm in mind. The majority of the SEO staff may just deploy it this year.

Evolving SEO firms:

It is very likely that many SEO marketing firms or digital marketing organisations will expand their services to include other aspects of digital marketing, and others may even totally abandon SEO. This is very plausible for a variety of reasons. One of the key causes is that SEO has changed from what it once was, in that it now emphasises actual content over ranking and link popularity. Additionally, there are more platforms to manage, which makes SEO more difficult. Another factor hurting the situation is Google’s latest algorithm updates, which have made high-quality material all but mandatory. The Web development companies are also anticipated to expand their roles inside the Digital Marketing sector at the same time.

High Mobile priority:

2015 will see further growth in the mobile Internet market. Internet users on mobile devices are numerous and numerous. According to the statistics, it significantly grew in 2013. Currently, there are more people using the Internet via various sources, such as desktop computers and other devices. But in 2015, things are going to change. There will soon be more mobile internet users than on other platforms. This has significant implications for web developers in general. Additionally, it calls for a significant adjustment in SEO specialists’ tactics.

We’ve previously seen how responsive web design has transformed the world of website design. In reality, websites must be optimised for mobile users as well (from an SEO standpoint), necessitating the employment of additional and unique strategies. Even Google recommends designing the website with mobile users in mind, but it also emphasises the value of full-screen websites.

All things considered, 2015 will see increased mobile influence on SEO tactics and website designs.

Social Media factors:

Google’s most recent search engine improvements have already made it very clear. It emphasised how crucial content marketing and social media will become in the coming years. The statistics undoubtedly support this. The number of Internet users who utilise social media networks is projected to reach 2.55 billion in the next several years, with the anticipated size of the world’s population at around 7 billion.

It appears that the future has here, and these changes will soon be easier to notice. We have already begun to notice that social media is having a bigger impact on the rankings. In truth, when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter are incredibly popular and successful.

Recently, Twitter has seen a lot of activity in terms of user traffic. Twitter has excelled as a real-time marketing tool in particular.

Numerous research were carried out in the UK, and a great deal of statistics were created and examined. They made some interesting discoveries. Several public events were seen to have exceptionally significant Twitter participation. At the same time, they discovered that activity would plummet during the event’s crucial moments, indicating that attendees were paying more attention to the event than tweeting.

As a result, Twitter is becoming a more innovative and promising platform. Another study on conversion rates actually found that Twitter had a higher rate of conversion than Google search.

Focusing on ROI:

In general, 2018 could be the year that companies start paying attention to Google and divert their attention from keyword ranking. Google has been recommending this for a while, but it doesn’t appear to have taken off yet.

The emphasis may change to be more on ROI measures in 2015. However, if an SEO company is giving your organisation more priority, there is a good chance that you are being mislead because such reports can be manipulated to make them appear better than they actually are. The ROI (Return on Investment) is what matters in the end, so that is where the focus should be.

The purpose of a keyword ranking report isn’t really served, and it’s of little use. Instead, if you were to request a report from the SEO team stating that an article or infographic published in the previous month has produced a certain number of links (for example, 100 links) and there has been a certain percentage of conversions (for example, 65 conversions), meaning the revenue generated is a certain amount (for example, $50,000), then this report is something you can use as a starting point in the next board meeting.


The world of search engine optimization is constantly changing and expanding, which makes it difficult for those of us who strive to break into the area while also being newcomers to it. In order to succeed, there are a few strategies we must use. However, as SEO evolves, it is becoming abundantly evident that higher-quality material will be more successful. But what is more potent than simply producing high-quality content? You will score higher for content that was written with the reader in mind and that can engage the reader’s imagination than for content that uses all the right keywords but doesn’t hold the reader’s attention.

The SEO sector has undergone enormous transformation over the years, and 2014 was no exception. Though it is safe to state that trends are still moving in the same general direction, SEO strategists do have a set method or strategy they can use for their long-term plans.

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