Essential SEO tips for Web Developer

Verifying the technical expertise of the organisation and the amount of resources the firm can commit to them is one of the most crucial criteria when choosing a web development firm for just about any business constructing their website. However, it is also crucial to ensure that the web development company adheres to proper web development principles, which will help the website in terms of SEO management.

It is crucial to optimise a website from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint. The value of this increases when creating a website because it can be done so while keeping in mind the limitations and requirements of SEO.

Important tips for Digital Marketing Analyts/Professionals:

Clear traces of test version of website online:

It frequently occurs that feedback from the client is necessary during the construction of a website. The ideal method is typically to upload on a test domain or sub domain in order to expedite development and also to test the website in a real environment. Consequently, the consumer can browse the website in this manner from anywhere. Additionally, any modifications or comments made by the client are immediately reflected, making it simpler and quicker for the client to decide.

However, there is a drawback to this. After being constructed, the website now has two versions, one on the test server and the other on the main website domain. These include the following issues:

Can lead Google to mark material as duplicate if it discovers two copies of the same page while crawling.

The testing website may rank higher than the primary website as a result of the main website’s page rank being significantly impacted. It would be disastrous.

Users who are looking for your company online may be forwarded to the test website, which may include inaccurate or out-of-date contact information. losing business as a result.

How to protect oneself against such thoughtless actions

For a test server, it is recommended to use a firewall to limit access and prevent search engine spiders from the very beginning.

A “robots.txt” file should be created and added to the development server’s root directory. It is important to set up this file such that it prevents the search engine from crawling any sites.

Making the website password-protected is another way to deter spiders.

Make sure all references to the website on the test server are eliminated once it has been developed and moved to the primary server.

Redirecting Users:

It frequently occurs for various reasons that redirects are implemented. This could be done to ensure that visitors are forwarded from deleted pages to the new page of a product or piece of information.

When the domain name is changed, this is occasionally required. For the benefit of both visitors and search engines, redirecting is required.

When redirecting in this manner, it is best to avoid the following three main issues:

Hop redirects ought to be avoided at all costs. Multiple redirects used in a chain will increase server load and request volume. As a result, the server’s response time will be longer. The delivery of the page will take longer as a result. Additionally, if you create a chain with five or more hops, the search engine will stop working and ignore the pages. From the standpoint of SEO, this is unfortunate. You should also take into account the fact that every reroute reduces the website’s overall link value.

Overly frequent redirection are another problem. The performance of the website will be negatively impacted and will suffer from the use of a lot of redirects.

Canonical URLs:

Canonicalization is mostly used to prioritise one page as the authoritative source for a page’s content. When the same content appears on several online pages and the primary source is unclear, this can become a significant problem.

As a result, the crucial inbound links that were previously targeting a certain piece of content now have several targets, which decreases the effectiveness of your efforts.

A brief illustration of this is the default configuration of Apache, which causes the following URLs to show the identical content:

The issue can be resolved quickly and easily by implementing a 301 redirect rule for duplicate URLs of this type. Furthermore, there may be a problem because both the link with a trailing slash and the one without refer to the same piece of information.

As a result, it’s important to keep the links on the website consistent. Also conceivable is the creation of a 301 redirect rule to reroute people away from such pages. Optimizing internal URLs is also beneficial because it increases the link value.

Designing for mobile:

Mobile app development is distinct from web development. But more people aren’t using their mobile devices to access the Internet and browse websites for information or online shopping.

In fact, according to current figures, there are now more people using mobile devices to access the internet than any other platform combined, making mobile devices a popular target.

Additional justifications for designing for mobile devices include the following:

Websites that are mobile-friendly or responsive are given more consideration by the majority of search engines, including Google.

Because there are more mobile Internet users, if your website is not mobile-ready, you are effectively shutting off a sizable portion of the online population.

It can be expensive to maintain a separate website for mobile users in a subdomain. This would entail allocating more resources for development and upkeep.

Additionally, a dedicated mobile website duplicates content.

To ensure that the website development does not adversely effect the SEO activities that may be carried out at a later stage, there are numerous other elements that need to be taken into account. Along with those already mentioned, here are a few more:

Websites should be optimised for speed as it is important for Google page rank and prevents users from quickly leaving the page and loading another.

Both the right use of HTML tags and the correct use of HTML elements are crucial. By doing this, you can assure that the website won’t be negatively impacted by HTML tags that are poorly formed or of poor quality.

Managing mistakes like a page not being found or being moved can have a significant impact. Additionally, bespoke 404 pages can be used to your advantage.

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