WordPress Upkeep Activities You Should Do Frequently

How frequently should I carry out WordPress maintenance procedures? It’s likely that you’ve heard a lot about how frequently WordPress sites get compromised. They might not be secure enough as a result of this. What’s worse, your website may potentially contain flaws that might let hackers access your account and steal confidential data. A well-maintained WordPress site increases the likelihood that it will rank highly in search engines and keeps visitors satisfied.

Today’s plugin and theme marketplace makes it difficult to manage a WordPress website. To maintain a clean, safe, and optimised website, you must carry out maintenance chores on a regular basis. If you don’t frequently maintain your website, it could become infected with malware or experience performance problems. Your reputation would only be harmed by that. We’ll look at some of the chores you need to do on a regular basis to maintain the efficiency and security of your website in this article.

Change each and every password

Changing all of your passwords on a regular basis is one of the best ways to safeguard your WordPress website. Additionally, make sure you are using a strong password and salting it appropriately. This will assist to ensure that even if someone were to gain access to your admin panel, they would not be able or quickly able to login and employ damage control measures (such as deleting blog posts, changing themes, etc.). Mixing upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols (such as @ & #), and special characters is a good general rule of thumb.

Try utilising two-factor authentication as well, which provides an additional layer of security by asking you to enter both a code from a one-time text message and another special token from an app. Last but not least, make regular backups! Make sure that copies of the backups exist in case something goes wrong, whether you store them on-site or off-site. You can protect your WordPress website as well as any other information on it by following these procedures.

Examine and eliminate spam comments

The integrity and quality of your WordPress website can be maintained by periodically checking for and removing spam comments. They not only waste your time but also keep other users from seeing your stuff. This is so that spammers can increase traffic to their websites by leaving slanderous comments using fictitious identities.

You can keep the commenting system clean and make it simpler for real readers to participate in debates without worrying about being bothered by spammers by reviewing and eliminating spam comments. Additionally, since it conveys that you take pleasure in your work, eliminating spam comments can enhance the reputation of your site as a whole.

Conduct tests of performance

An essential step in maintaining your WordPress website is doing performance testing. You can find any problems that might be slowing down your site by examining the load times of your pages. Testing for rendering issues and browser compatibility can also aid in making sure that material is displayed appropriately on all devices. Running performance tests also enables you to monitor your website’s development over time and make the necessary adjustments as required.

This way, you won’t have to worry whether upgrades or modifications are harming traffic or page ranking because you’ll know when they’re producing issues. Additionally, conducting routine performance tests enables you to stay abreast of market trends and stay one step ahead of the competition. You’ll save money by avoiding potential fines or penalties from web hosting companies or other websites taking part in online marketing campaigns in addition to helping your search rankings.

Boost the WordPress Database

You can shorten the time it takes for your website to load and make sure that all of your content is kept in one place by optimising your WordPress database. Additionally, this will reduce the likelihood of data loss or damage brought on by mishaps or system failures. Additionally, since everything will be kept in one location, managing updates and modifications to your site will be simpler.

Since hacked files won’t be dispersed around several regions on your server, database optimization for WordPress sites may also boost security. Last but not least, maintaining the integrity of your data allows you to feel more secure when upgrading or modifying your WordPress website.

A complete backup of your website should be made

A website is a precious asset, thus you should always ensure that it has a full site backup in case something goes wrong. Even the smallest error can harm your internet reputation and result in decreased visitors and earnings. Making a full manual backup of your WordPress site each time you make changes or add new content is a fantastic approach to keep yourself safe.

This will assist you in restoring your website if something goes wrong (intentionally or unintentionally). This backup can also serve as a guarantee that all of your data is secure. Finally, remember that even the finest backups might fail, so keep track of your website’s performance frequently to plan for unexpected difficulties.

Conduct security audits

Conducting routine security scans is one of the most crucial measures you can take to protect your WordPress website. You will be able to identify and address any potential concerns by doing this before they turn into larger ones. Security scanning ensures that your website is configured correctly and is free of dangerous code or plugins in addition to defending it from hacker attacks.

You’ll be able to spot possible risks early and stop them from doing harm by executing routine security updates. Additionally, you may save a tonne of time and money in the long run by resolving issues before they grow into significant breaches. Although it’s not always convenient or straightforward, security scanning is one of the best things you can do to keep your WordPress website secure and up to date.

Complete WordPress File Update

One of the most crucial actions you can take to maintain your website is to update all of the WordPress files. This process provides additional security features that assist shield your website from possible hackers in addition to updating core files and plugins. It also makes sure that your website functions properly and can adapt to new setups or theme versions.

By avoiding downtime due to faults or problems, running the update process increases the longevity of both your website and its components. All websites, even those that don’t have any serious problems, should update their WordPress files on a regular basis to keep everything operating safely and to guard against potential damage or theft.

Locate and repair broken links

Broken links can lower the ranking of your website in search engines and make visitors less interested in coming back. Additionally, they may have an effect on the volume of organic traffic you get. You can improve the user experience and restore the integrity of your content by identifying and correcting broken links on your WordPress website.

Any broken links on a given page can be found using broken link checker software. When a problem is found, these tools will start a fix by including canonical tags and 301 redirects if required. This procedure aids in avoiding Google’s penalty points for having broken links on pages with significant traffic volumes. Additionally, it guarantees that all of your material is visible to and discoverable by visitors.


Use the advice above to routinely maintain your WordPress website. These maintenance check lists guarantee that your website is kept current and secure from potential threats. The likelihood that something negative will happen to your website decreases the more frequently you execute maintenance operations.

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